Trading Principles

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Get into trading business is like going to a jungle where we get beautiful scenery and have the freedom to do anything we want in the first place, but as we go deeper into the jungle, it’s getting darker and wilder and become the game of survival. To survive, we must learn the rules of […]

The Cyle of Trading Process

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To succeed in trading, we must have a lot of trading experiences by going through numerous trading process cycles. Understanding trading process cycle also will make shorter and clearer path to achieve our trading goal. Below are 4 trading process cycle components : Learning Learning is a must to expand our circle of competence and […]

One Little Step

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In my early trading career, I was looking for a trading system that will give me high win rate and high reward ratio¬†even though I know “Holy Grail” does not exist. I’ve read many books in search for a trading setup that will give me at least triple-digit return. I was subscribing many premium trading […]