Our focus is to help you implement the complete cycle of trading process consistently by developing winning habit through step by step example of our real trading process.

Complete Cycle of Trading Process


Learning is a must to expand our circle of competence and build an "edge". The main purpose of learning is to enhance our knowledge in technique or psychological aspect of our system and build more confidence to it. "Learning" process covered in Blog and Resources section.


After learning process, we must have the courage to implement it by the rule in a disciplined manner. It's our job as a trader to execute flawlessly trade after trade whatever the result is. For "Implementation" process, take a look in Log and Updates section



Having a good journal that will generate dashboard view to evaluate and learn about our strength and weakness is important step for trading success. You can learn how I create my trading journal in Open Trade and Closed Trade section.


Evaluation and review are vital components of performance improvement. It is the only way to check whether we are on the right track to reach our trading goal or not. You can learn how I measure my trading result in Dashboard and Performance section


Trading is not easy, but it’s actually simple.
It is not trader's job to make it harder.

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